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Food Delivery
Taxi Driver
Product Delivery
Transportation workers were 20.6% more likely to lose income opportunities because of COVID-19.
Independent transportation workers are essential to our economy, so it’s no surprise how hard COVID hit the industry. Unfortunately, many truckers and rideshare drivers continue to struggle just trying to get their businesses back on track from the pandemic.
Rideshare drivers were exposed to unsafe conditions
Food delivery drivers lost income when restaurants closed
Truckers had trouble booking pickups

If your business was hurt by the pandemic, we can help get you the money you deserve. 


There’s hope for independent professionals like you - It’s called the FFCRA, and it’s designed to help the self-employed recoup lost wages caused by COVID-19.

But who’s got time to redo their taxes? You’re a Realtor; you’ve got to focus on keeping your buyers and sellers happy and might feel like you don’t have time to worry about yourself.

We get it. That’s where we come in.


We’ve created the first-ever platform designed to get you the federal relief you deserve. It’s called Adesso360.

Built by CPAs and tax experts, Adesso360 has created a streamlined process that does one thing: get independent workers like you the FFCRA relief you’re entitled to.

It’s simple, fast, and effective.

Adesso360 Client Success Stories

I was busy during COVID for a long time since everyone was so afraid to eat at restaurants, it was great haha. But then I caught COVID and had to stop driving for a month, it was horrible. Food delivery is my main gig, I didn’t have paid sick days! I really thought I was in big trouble financially til someone told me about Adesso360. I used it and was blown away by how easy it made dealing with the IRS. Adesso helped me get $24,670 in tax credits, I couldn’t believe it! Now I tell everyone I can come here, what have you got to lose?”
Christopher B
I never thought I’d qualify for COVID relief; that sounded like something for *real* businesses, not my side gig delivering food. I was skeptical but tried Adesso360 anyhow and all I can say is wow! It took me 15 minutes once I got my docs together to file for the FFCRA and I got $1340 in cold, hard cash.”
Jamal T
Delivery driving was a big part of my income so the beginning of COVID was scary. We were all just trying to figure out how to get by, you know? I ended up seeing an ad for Adesso360 that said delivery drivers qualify for federal tax credits so I gave it a shot. I couldn’t believe how much I could get back from the IRS! Thank you so much, Adesso. I’m now a lifelong customer.”
Stephanie L