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Our team of tax experts have created the fastest, safest, and easiest tool for self-employed individuals and sole proprietors to claim the federal FFCRA tax credits they deserve.

80% of self-employed workers are unaware they’re even eligible, leaving millions of dollars on the table.

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What is FFCRA?

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) is a federal law (Public Law No. 116-127) that provides self-employed individuals with tax credits that reimburse them, dollar for dollar, for the cost of being unable to work due to COVID-related issues.
The FFCRA was designed by Congress to help support independent business owners (sole proprietors, freelancers, and gig workers) during the pandemic and ensure we all can build back better.

The FFCRA is the only government program that puts cash back into the hands of the self-employed. It is NOT a loan; it is a refund of the taxes you already paid.

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s real! The FFCRA is straight from Congress and was designed to help support the self-employed (sole proprietors, freelancers, gig workers, independent business owners) like you build back better. Whether you’re looking to get things back on track from COVID or are ready to take your work to the next level, the FFCRA was designed to help you.

But if you’ve never heard of this, we’re not surprised.
Research shows over 80% of self-employed individuals are unaware they’re entitled to the FFCRA tax credits. Originally created for employers and their employees, Congress expanded the FFCRA Act to include self-employed persons for the first time (Sections 7002(a) and 7004(a) of Public Law No. 116-127).

Act Fast
For a refund on your 2020 taxes, the deadline to amend your return is April 15, 2024. To file for a refund on your 2021 taxes, you have until April 15, 2025.

Our team of experts, working for you.

Adesso360 was designed to make the entire FFCRA tax refund process simple and easy. Our CPA-designed platform takes all the anxiety out of calculations and complex tax questions.

We fully take care of amending your tax returns and submitting your application to the IRS, granting you valuable time to focus on what matters most - growing your business. We work for you, making it easier to work for yourself.


How it works

Adesso360 was built by CPAs and tax experts to maximize your refunds. While it’s not required by the IRS to file for FFCRA tax credits, it sure makes it easier.

  • 01
    Start your application
  • 02
    Choose dates you missed work
  • 03
    Receive your refund estimate
  • 04
    E-sign documents & select payment option
  • 05
    We submit your amended tax returns to the IRS for approval
  • 06
    Now sit back and wait! Current IRS timeline: up to 20 weeks.
  • 07
    Cha-ching! Get your tax credit directly via check or ACH deposit

Not sure if you qualify?

Self-employed or independent business owner
Missed work due to Covid-19
Filed Schedule SE

Who is Eligible?

How do I know if I’m considered to be self-employed in 2020 or 2021? Were you a:

Rideshare driver
eBay seller
Food or product delivery
Personal trainer
Makeup artist
Social media expert
Independent contractor
Interior designer
Dance instructor
Massage therapist
Etsy shop owner
Gig economy worker
Web developer
Hair stylist
Sole proprietor
Data analyst

Did you miss work due to:

  • Federal, state, or local lockdown orders related to COVID-19

  • Quarantining or isolation order related to COVID-19

  • Caring for your child whose school had closed or gone virtual

  • Caring for your child because your child care provider was unavailable due to COVID-19

  • Symptoms of COVID-19 or seeking a medical diagnosis

  • Sickness due to vaccination side effects

  • Caring for someone with COVID symptoms

  • A COVID-19 vaccination appointment

  • Side effects due to vaccination

Then you could be qualified for up to $32,200!


Affordable & Convenient

Our processing fees are based on your guaranteed refund, so there is no financial risk to use our service.

Thanks to our integration with PayPal, you can use any credit or debit card attached to your account. Either pay in full when you file or finance over time with monthly installments. The IRS will issue your refund in full, sent as a paper check to the address on your amended return. Save hours and hours of hassle, all for a fraction of what financial services typically cost.

Meet our Clients

We’ve secured $600+ million for our clients, and we’re just getting started.

Our clients all agree - Adesso360 really works! Tax filing made safe and easy, and designed specifically for self-employed workers who don’t have time to waste.

“I knew about the FFCRA and tried to do it on my own, but you wouldn’t believe how difficult it was! I gave up and used Adesso360 instead and was kicking myself for not using it sooner. It was so fast and easy because it does everything for you! Thanks, Adesso!”

Kimberly T
REFUNDED: $28,209

“I was skeptical but tried Adesso360 anyhow and all I can say is wow! I had no idea it was possible to get this much money back from the government.”

Chris T
REFUNDED: $11,341

“I was a stylist before COVID lockdowns and had no savings to get me through. Luckily, I’m working again and getting back on my feet thanks to Adesso360 getting me the tax credits I was owed. I didn’t even know there were tax credits for stylists!”

CHICAGO, IL (1099)
REFUNDED: $23,709

"Adesso360 was so easy to use! It helped me get back on track after COVID and now my event business is booming again! I thought the process was going to take forever but it only took ¼ of the time!"

REFUNDED: $5,337

“March 2020 came and my business ran into a wall. I got COVID and I wasn’t sure my business would recover from all the work I missed. A friend told me about Adesso360 so I took their prequalification quiz and found out I’m eligible for thousands back from the IRS! I couldn’t believe it. I am forever grateful there’s a tool like this for people like me."

REFUNDED: $16,947
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