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One-third of Beauty Professionals didn’t feel safe enough to operate their businesses during COVID
Did your clients stop using your services because COVID lockdowns stopped them from coming in? In an industry where in-person meetups are essential, it’s not hard to see why shelter-in-place orders devastated the beauty industry and its independent workers.
Hair stylist's chairs went empty
Salons were deemed “non-essential” and had to close
Makeup artists were put in unsafe working conditions

If your chair was empty during the pandemic, we can help get you the money you deserve.


There’s hope for independent professionals like you - It’s called the FFCRA, and it’s designed to help the self-employed recoup lost wages caused by COVID-19. 

But who’s got time to redo their taxes? You’re an independent business owner and have got to focus on earning an income. Digging through old tax returns and complex tax laws can wait.

We get it. That’s where we come in. 


We’ve created the first-ever platform designed to get you the federal relief you deserve. It’s called Adesso360.

Built by CPAs and tax experts, Adesso360 has created a streamlined process that does one thing: get independent workers like you the FFCRA relief you’re entitled to.

It’s simple, fast, and effective.

Adesso360 Client Success Stories

When my salon closed during COVID lockdowns I was really worried. I typically saw 10 clients a day and suddenly I was at 0. It’s a hard wall to hit, especially because the bills didn’t stop but my income did. We made it through but just barely. Even when people started to trickle back into the salon, it felt like things would never get back to normal. My Association told me about Adesso360 and thank God they did. I got back the money I needed and am back to doing what I love without worrying the way I was just a few years ago.”
Tanya D.
My kid’s schools got shut down during the pandemic and I couldn’t get to work. I heard about the FFCRA but thought it was only for people who worked for someone else and weren’t self-employed. Then I learned about Adesso360 and how it was designed for people like me to get their FFCRA credits, too! It’s some kind of magic tool, haha! I don’t know how it works, but I don’t need to…it just does.”
Carole D.
I was a stylist before COVID lockdowns and had no savings to get me through. I relied on credit cards for so long, I wasn’t sure I’d ever get out of debt. Luckily, I’m working again and getting back on my feet thanks to Adesso360 getting me the tax credits I was owed. I didn’t even know there were tax credits for stylists!”
Vicky H