A B-E-A-UTIFUL story on how the FFCRA tax credits helped an entire industry of beauticians.

November 28, 2023

Adesso Capital has been our trusted financial “go-to” partner for the past 3 years, spearheading our association’s efforts to get badly needed financial assistance into the hands of beauty and barbering professionals and business owners.  Our partnership helped secure PPP funding to nearly 11,000 of our industry followers, and we’ve helped hundreds of industry employers to-date receive ERC tax relief.  Now Adesso is leading our unprecedented and nationwide effort to secure retroactive Covid relief to our self-employed pro’s via the FFCRA — a little known tax credit for missed work due to Covid exclusively for independent contractors, 1099 workers and other self-employed professionals.  These workers are the heart and soul of beauty and barbering, so it gives us great satisfaction to be able to refer them to Adesso’s unprecedented online portal that guides our followers to this unknown pot of gold.  The system they created is user-friendly, seamless from start to IRS submissions, and, candidly, beautician/bomb-proof!  Our partnership with Adesso has paid off BIG time for our association and for our industry stakeholders who were so brutally impacted by those dreaded Covid years.